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An audio server engineered for use in high-end systems


Network Audio Server



The fidata HFAS1 is a network audio server that was engineered so that you can enjoy high-end audio.
You can see evidence of our meticulous, iterative approach from the materials chosen for the chassis to the design of the unit's circuit board and its individual components. This product is the cumulative result of numerous prototypes and countless trial listening sessions.
The result is an exceptional level of audio quality that befits the unit's high-end name, packaged in an impressive chassis from which every hint of waste has been pared.

fidata Audio Sever
One year after the HFAS1’s debut: Introducing a high-end model sporting the“X”moniker

The fidata Audio Server provides functionality for connecting a USB DAC.

List of models whose networking compatibility has been confirmed

List of devices and apps whose USB DAC compatibility has been confirmed

HFAS1 delivers a total solution for
experiencing music digitally.

The HFAS1 is a one-stop digital audio solution that delivers an audio-quality media server,
USB DAC compatibility (network transport), CD ripping, and CD transport functionality in addition to
capabilities ranging from music import and playback to data protection.
By giving you the freedom to combine components as desired, HFAS1 makes it possible to
create an audio system that reflects your own individuality.

total solution

An uncompromising dedication to quality on par
with the best in network audio

Take the chassis, for example.
The austere exterior, from which all traces of ornamentation—even a display—have been excised, represents an inevitable form that has reached the limits that come from a single-minded drive to recreate ideal sound.
In each capacitor, in the circuit board layout: everywhere you look, you'll find thoughtful dedication to details.
This is a network audio server that's not afraid to call itself high-end.

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