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Dec 14, 2016

fidata Releases New Firmware for Audio Server "HFAS1-S10U".

fidata has released the latest firmware version 1.40 for the Network audio server. With this firmware, can use the new functions "fidata CD Ripping" and "fidata CD Transport" free of charge.

New function (1) CD ripping function (Music CD track importing).
This new function is ripping songs directly from the music CD to the server, can be used by connecting the USB external DVD / Blu-ray drive to this Audio Server. Automatically acquire song information and album artwork with a simple operation of pushing the button once.

CD ripping function

- Easy start ripping just by pressing the front button of the server. (Also possible automatic ripping setting)
- Can save as PCM format (44.1kHz/16bit) either (WAV or FLAC).
- FLAC format can be selected from three levels of compression. Including "Uncompressed".
- Auto acquisition of song information and album artwork by Gracenote MusicID®.
- Bit Perfect Judgment into using with the music data comparison database "AccurateRip™".
<Note>Internet connection is necessary to use Gracenote® and AccurateRip™.

"AccurateRip" adopted in this product is CD ripping data collation service of Illustrate Limited, UK Ltd., and service provision may be terminated without notice in the future. Even after the service ends, you can use the ripping function other than the collation function.

New function (2) CD transport function (Distributing tracks on a music CD).
This new function is shared the music CDs by the network and can playback music CD them directly. Distribute the music CD of the USB external drive to the network with song information and album artwork acquired from Gracenote MusicID®. Enjoy CD playback with the corresponding USB-DAC and network audio player.

CD transport function

- Can play back music CD in both USB-DAC connection (*) and Network player connection.
(*) For music CD playback with USB-DAC connection, it is necessary to use USB HUB in combination.
- Can select the song by track name, not by track number.
- Can operate music CD with the same feeling of operation as network audio.
<Note>Internet connection is required for song title display.

Other updates as Version 1.40.
- Supported to tag acquisition / display of WAV file by "dBpoweramp".
- Supported to an album art display of MQA.
- Data DVD / BD disc import function added.

<Note>If you want to obtain new firmware, please contact your dealer or distributor.

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