The ultimate in audio quality, from a brand that lives up to the meaning of its name: "reliability"

Introducing a high-end model sporting the moniker “X” fidata AD10 audio disc drive achieves high-definition CD ripping and playback fidata Music App: A music control app from fidata engineered to deliver ultimate ease of use fidata, an audio server engineered for use in high-end systems Transporting listeners to the stage or studio where music is born An uncompromising dedication to quality on par with the best in network audio Combine the HFAS1 with a USB DAC unit in order to use it as a network player with a built-in server! Bringing the fidata’s logic into cables Audio-grade cables
TAS EditorsChoice 2022
AAEx Audio Excellence Award 2016 EXTRA PRIZE,AuduoArt BEST RECOMMEDED,RED FINGERPRINT,BEST SOUND High High End 2017,VICTOR Mark,HI-FI CHOICE magazyn etc
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