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DAC Connectivity

Combine the HFAS1 with a USB DAC
unit in order to use it as a network player with a built-in server!

You can use the HFAS1 as a PCM/DSD-compatible network audio player with a built-in server by connecting it to an audio device with a USB DAC (for example, a standalone unit, CD player amp, or headphone amp).
In this configuration, you can choose tracks and control playback from a DLNA- or OpenHome Media-compliant controller app on a smartphone or tablet.
Build the system that's right for you by picking a DAC to handle the sound and a controller to handle the user interface... now there are even more possibilities for enjoying your music.

*Use of this function requires firmware Ver. 1.20 or later.

Example of USB DAC device support


Standalone USB DAC

Combine the HFAS1 with a standalone USB DAC and use it as a network player.

CD player
with a USB DAC

CD player with a USB DAC

Combine the HFAS1 with a CD player that has a USB DAC and use it as a CD and network player.

Headphone amp
with a USB DAC

Headphone amp with a USB DAC

The HFAS1 is ideal for listeners who prefer headphones. Use a smartphone or tablet to choose tracks and control playback.

Get the sound you're after by choosing the USB DAC you want!

The HFAS1 can be combined with any of a number of USB Audio Class 2.0-compliant USB DACs whose compatibility has been confirmed.
Since you can choose a DAC that has the sound characteristics you like, you can build a unique network audio system that suits your own usage environment.

Diretta-type LAN DAC playback support
creates music with superior clarity.

The HFAS1 now provides Diretta host functionality, a technology for sending audio to a LAN DAC. It’s one of the first devices to feature a network transport function that supports Diretta-style LAN DAC playback in addition to USB-DAC playback support. As a result, you can use a Diretta-type LAN DAC, which in the past required a computer, as a computer-less network player.


fidata Music App(iOS/Android)



Diretta host

Audio streaming over Ethernet


Diretta target

List of devices that have been tested and found compatible with fidata Audio Server network playback

Using existing devices to deliver network audio

By adding the HFAS1 to their setups, listeners who have been wavering over whether to buy a high-grade network audio player can enjoy network audio while using the USB DAC they already have.
With robust server and playback functionality at a reasonable price, the HFAS1 is the ideal choice for listeners who are looking into the world of high-resolution audio for the first time.

High-quality audio data output, even over a USB connection

USB DACs are typically used with ordinary computers, which aren't generally designed from an audio perspective, so listeners may not be able to enjoy the full benefit of the DAC's capabilities.
Since it's designed as an audio device, the HFAS1 delivers high-quality data output, including from its USB port.
The unit taps the latent capability of USB DACs, without difficult settings.

  • Back of HFAS1
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Tablet (for controlling the system)
  • Amp and speakers
  • USB cable
  • LAN cable
  • Power cord

USB Audio Class 2.0 support

Simply connect a standard USB Audio Class 2.0-compliant USB DAC to the HFAS1's USB port. The unit will automatically recognize the DAC, allowing the HFAS1 to function as a network audio player.

List of devices and apps whose USB DAC compatibility has been confirmed

Network renderer function

The HFAS1 provides two playback modes (OpenHome and DMR) from which the user can select on the setup screen.

OpenHome mode
This mode allows use of OpenHome Media-compliant controller apps.
DMR mode
This mode allows use of DLNA-compatible digital media controller (DMC) apps.

PCM output

The HFAS1 can output 16-bit/24-bit and 32-bit float/integer PCM data at a maximum sampling rate of 768 kHz, enabling it to output WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and M4A (Apple Lossless) audio data without degradation.
*Playback performance depends on the USB DAC used.

DSD output

The HFAS1 supports native DSD output using Direct DSD or DoP (DSD Audio over PCM Frames), allowing it to generate 2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz, and 11.2 MHz and 22.5MHz* DSD output.
This capability allows the unit to output DSD audio data (in both DSF and DFF formats) without degradation.
*Playback performance depends on the USB DAC used.
*22.5MHz DSD output available only in Direct DSD mode.

On-device playlists

In OpenHome mode, on-device playlist support allows playlists to be saved on the HFAS1.
Even if the controller app is exited during playback, the HFAS1 will continue playback based on the playlist.

Gapless playback

When used with a compatible application, the HFAS1 supports gapless playback, allowing natural playback of live recordings and other audio recorded without gaps between tracks.
*Supported file formats: WAV, AIFF, M4A (ALAC), FLAC, DSF, and DFF.
*Gapless playback is limited to tracks of the same file format, bit depth, and sampling rate.
*Gapless playback is not supported for 11.2 MHz DSD files (as of March 2016).

Supported file formats (extensions)
WAV, AIFF, AIF, M4A, FLAC (PCM / PCM conversion), DFF, DSF (DoP [native DSP] ), MP3, AAC, OGG (PCM conversion)
Output formats (sampling rates)
PCM format (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.8 kHz, 384 kHz, 768 kHz)
DSD format (Direct DSD) (2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz, 11.2 MHz, 22.5 MHz)
Output formats (bit depth)
PCM format (16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit), DSD format (DoP) (1-bit)

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