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Audio Disc Drive

The audio disc drive plays back audio in the CD's original sound quality

Audio Disc Drive

fidata AD10


Function USB hub Chassis Disc drive Circuitry/power supply Using on PC/Mac Specifications

fidata AD10 audio disc drive
achieves high-definition CD ripping and playback

AD10 (HFAD10-UBXU) is an audio disc drive ideal for combining with fidata CD ripping and fidata CD transport functionalities.
It realizes high-quality CD playback and ripping not only when combined with an audio server but even when combined with PC or Mac for audio use.

fidata AD10


"HFAD10-UBXU" not currently available in the USA.


CD ripping

Combine AD10 with fidata Audio Server or PC to rip music CDs.

fidata CD ripping functionality

The meticulous ripping function provides convenience for automatically obtaining tune info and album art and bit-perfect ripping through a simple action on the fidata Music App.

img/fidata CD ripping

*Internet connection is required for using Gracenote MusicID® and AccurateRip™.
*AccurateRip™ used in this product is a CD ripping data verification service by Illustrate Limited in the United Kingdom, and the service is subject to termination without notice. Except for the verification function, the ripping function will continue to work even after the service is discontinued.

• Easy to operate via the fidata Music App.
• Save data either as a PCM format (44.1kHz/16 bit) WAV or FLAC.
• Choose the FLAC format from three compression levels, including "uncompressed."
• Works with music data comparison database AccurateRip™ to determine bit perfection.
• Automatically changes the ripping condition for a retry if bit perfection is assessed to be sub-standard.
• The drive tray is automatically ejected once ripping is complete.


If the system cannot read the CD audio data due to scratches or fingerprints on the disc or deformation, PureRead4+ installed reduces error data interpolation by adjusting the method of reading to re-read the disc. High-precision CD ripping is achieved as several reading algorithms operate according to the disc condition to reduce reading errors.

*This function is automatically enabled when connected to the HFAS1 series (can be disabled).

fidata Music App is a pure control app providing the
highest level of operability

fidata Music App, Japan's first OpenHome- compatible control app, provides the highest level of operability for network audio.
The user interface that is all about network audio convenience not only lets you select music to playback and switch servers but also playback devices.
It provides a pleasant PC-less environment when used with fidata Audio Server, from setting the device to handling the music files in storage.
You can also access and browse information on the CD Journal associated with the tunes on the fidata Audio Server.


Display example on iPad

Get fidata Music App here

CD transport

AD10 can playback music CDs by combining it with fidata Audio Server or PC.
Connect the USB-DAC to the device to operate CDs via the same fidata Music App used to operate the network audio.

fidata Audio Server CD Transport Functionality

fidata CD Transport is a function that can playback music CD directly by sharing it on the network.
By connecting to a fidata Audio Server, CDs can be delivered through a network in the same way an audio file is played.
It can be used as a CD player when a USB-DAC is connected via the fidata Audio Server.

img/fidata CD transport

• It recognizes CDs in the category list.
• It can play music CDs through USB-DAC, LAN-DAC, and network player connections.
• It lets you select the tune by title instead of the track number on music CDs.
• It lets you operate music CDs via the same control app used for the network audio.

RealTime PureRead

Equipped with RealTime PureRead that enhances data reading precision during CD playback.
Controls the frequency of data interpolation in real-time and plays back audio in its original CD sound quality.
High-precision CD reading is enabled when combined with high-performance BDXL-compatible pickup.

*This function is automatically enabled when connected to the HFAS1 series (can be disabled).

LAN-DAC playback on Diretta compatible devices

CDs can be played on Diretta when the system is connected to a Diretta compatible device by a LAN-DAC.

img/LAN-DAC playback on Diretta

USB hub

With a Built-in USB hub tuned for audio

fidata Audio Server's USB ports can be added to connect UBS-DAC and additional hard disk drives.

img/HFAD10-UBXU rear view


Newly designed high-rigidity metal chassis

High rigidity is achieved by bending the 2.3 mm steel plate. The top and sides are made of extra-thick aluminum panels. The front is covered with high-rigidity machined aluminum.
It is the same size as HFAS1; 350 mm x 350 mm. HFAS1 can be placed on top of this unit.

img/high-rigidity metal chassis

Metal sensing switches

A simple design is achieved by the use of a pressure-sensitive metallic sensor while maintaining the chassis' rigidity.

img/Metal sensing switches

Machined aluminum insulators

Uniquely designed insulators are used to support the heavy chassis firmly. It is also possible to switch from four-point support to three-point.


Disc drive

Equipped with Pioneer’s premium disc drive

The system is equipped with Pioneer’s premium disc drive.
• The chassis coated entirely in black reduces vibration, improves thermal dissipation, and controls laser diffusion.
• Low-resistance flat cable improves conduction performance and reduces the noise of read and write signals.
• Vibration-proof cushion and rubber suppress the vibration during disc rotation.
• Copper-plated screws improve conduction performance and reduce noise.

Floating rigid mount

High-precision disc reading is enabled as the mechanism that does not stress the drive, and vibration-absorbing washers are positioned optimally to elicit Pioneer's premium disc drive's performance.

LED off function

The LED display that flashes when the disc drive is accessed can be switched off. If the lamp is disturbing, it can be disabled by changing the settings when fidata is connected.

img/Pioneer’s premium disc drive

Circuitry/power supply

The system substrate is thoroughly noise controlled

Linear power conditioner

The switching noise is eliminated by stepping down the power from the switched-mode power supply to a power circuit combined with a linear regulator for a stable power supply.

Noise-reducing ground processing

The ground on the substrate is divided into several parts to suppress the switching noise.
The circulation of the switching noise produced by the ground has been reduced.

img/The system substrate

Thick film resistor promotes acoustic quality

A non-magnetic thick film resistor has been adopted to promote high-performance acoustics.
The reduced electromotive force means less noise.

img/high-performance acoustics

Ultra-low phrase noise crystal oscillator

The combination of low-noise power supply and meticulous pattern design generates a more precise clock signal.

img/crystal oscillator
img/noise comparison

Highest grade audio electrolytic capacitor

Noise is suppressed, and the power supply is stabilized by using the nichicon MUSE series, which has a proven track record with fidata servers.


Equipped with two highly reliable 60W switching supplies

TDK-Lambda’s hospital-grade 60W power units are used for the power section.
Separating the power units for the system and drive prevents the interfusion of noise.

img/two highly reliable 60W switching

Using on PC/Mac

It can be used as an optical drive for a PC or Mac

• Use it as an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for ordinary PCs.
• Combine it with various music playback devices and CD ripping software.
• Use Pioneer's setup tool to set Pure Read.
• The built-in audio-grade USB port is ideal for a USB-DAC connection.
*Please refer to the specifications for details.

img/used as an optical drive

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