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fidata Music App: A music control app from
fidata engineered to deliver ultimate ease of use

fidata Music App (for iPad/iPhone) is an OpenHome-compatible control app engineered by fidata in Japan to bring the ultimate level of ease of use to network audio.
The user interface, which has been meticulously designed for maximum convenience, goes beyond track selection to allow users to freely switch servers and playback devices. Used with fidata's HFAS1 series, it provides a pleasant, PC-less environment whose functionality extends to hardware settings and manipulation of music files on storage devices.

Example display on an iPad

Example display on an iPad

OpenHome support

Engineered by fidata in Japan to support the OpenHome standard, this fidata app can control OpenHome-compatible devices as well as audio players that are capable of controlling UPnP AV and DLNA renderers.

Flexible user interface with extensive functionality

The app features a flexible user interface that lets you select tracks with a variety of gestures, including taps, long presses, and drag-and-drop operation.
You can freely change the size of artwork and move the boundary of the two-pane display (when using the app on an iPad in landscape orientation), and a customizable screen layout ensures users who are used to other apps can get started right away using an interface they're comfortable with.


Switch rapidly among multiple servers and renderers

The app is designed to switch among servers instantly so that users can choose tracks stored on multiple servers.
You can also switch among multiple renderers (players) without leaving the main screen.

Repeat and shuffle functions

When using an OpenHome device that supports repeat and shuffle playback of playlists, the On Device Playlist function lets you continue playback even if the fidata Music App is closed.

*If using a player that does not support this functionality, you will need to keep the app open.

Server configuration and status check functions

You can check status information such as IP address, storage space use, and active interface for HFAS1 series units and call up detailed settings right there in the app.

configuration and status check

Manipulate files on external storage and
copy files between multiple servers

The app lets you copy files over the network between multiple HFAS1 series units and export and import tracks to and from connected USB external storage.
You can also manipulate files by the folder or by the track. In addition, you can perform file actions such as renaming and deleting music files.

Edit track tags *1

The app provides functionality for editing tag information (metadata) for music files stored on an HFAS1 unit. WAV, FLAC, and DSF tags are supported. Since you can edit metadata, the edited data for those tracks will show up in other media servers and player.

*1 HFAS1 firmware requires the latest version.

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