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For immediate release
Mar 22, 2018

fidata has released the latest firmware version 1.51 for the Network audio server.

Updates as Firmware Version 1.51 in.
- Supports UK Computer Audio Design's USB-DAC
- Improved meta edit function of wav and dsf files
 The current version needs to more than 1 minute to apply the editing information on file size exceeding 1GB.
- Fixed the problem 2GB or later playback can not be performed with wav file exceeding 2 GB in USB-DAC playback

The following is a change concerning Japan limited function.
- Supports mora automatic download
- Improve the following specifications for the automatic download function
 - Even if you move the downloaded contents to another folder in the e-onkyo / mora folder, Changed to specification not to re-download.
  (Re-download is possible by UI operation)
 - Supports to annual range display
 - Supports manual download on album basis
 - Supports to display of remaining number of purchased content of e-onkyo

<Note> If you want to obtain new firmware, please contact your dealer or distributor.

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