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For immediate release
Aug 6, 2018

Network audio control app "fidata Music App" has released the latest update version 1.1.0.

* Update the firmware to use new functions and some function improvements. fidata (HFAS series) firmware Ver.1.60 or more

New functions

・ Supported transfer operation to USB devices by the server pane's container menu.
  - Copy files to a portable audio player (DAP) compatible with USB mass storage class.
  - Change a folder path to be transferred. (Initial setting: \music)

・ Supported iOS media server function
  - Recognize music of iTunes library on iOS terminal as server (this terminal)

・ Supported single repeat mode
  - Except for fidata's USB-DAC renderer (OpenHome),it is only available while this app is active.

・ Supported to save the local playlist on the App to the fidata's playlists folder as an m3u file.

・ Supported CD ripping UI
  - Selectable interfaces for songs to rip.
  - Music information can be edited before ripping.
  - File format, retry and AccurateRip can be changealbe before ripping.
  - Display of progress status and results

Function improvements

・ Local Playlist
  - Supports overwriting of existing local playlists.
  - Added release year to search condition.

・ Playback operation indication
  - Direct DSD is displayed as “DSD” and DoP as “DSD (DoP)”.
  - Changed to display AAC and ALAC separately.

・ File operation
  - Changed to always display file operation icon.
  - Improve file name display so that extension can be recognized even with too long file name.
  - Supported to move a file to a folder on the pane.
  - Added the interface of setting the folder name when creating a folder.
  - Changed the initial display path when starting file operation UI

・ Server pane
  - Changed to caching server artwork information.
  - Supported action that can be returned to the upper container by swipe.
  - Changed the text color of the number of contents.
  - Add new, now, next and later icon on some menus.
  - Changed the image of fidata server icon.

・ Playlist pane
  - Display OpenHome or DMR icon depending on the renderer's mode.
  - Changed action to add a selected tune and the other tunes of the album when using "new" mode.
  - Changed to show MQA, AAC and ALAC separately.

・ Others
  - Display the execution result dialog when adding or deleting tunes from the playlist, and can undo the execution on the dialog.
  - Moved fidata Music App setting, local playlists, and online help from the server selection list to the menu list on the upper right of this App.
  - Added dimmer function to volume setting.
  - Added a setting of prevent sleep on tune information screen.
  - Added a setting to display icons and fonts larger.
  - On landscape iPad, you can change the playback position of the song with the seek bar.
  - Added link to main body setting page, file operation, CD ripping UI, update operation in server setting UI
  - Supported notice display in fidata status UI when there is update of new firmware.
  - Supported transition to CD ripping UI with long tap menu from CD container.

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