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Aggressively counteracting vibration and noise

High-rigidity, all-metal chassis

A 4.0 mm thick aluminum top cover is fitted to thick, E-shaped aluminum side panels.
A 2.3 mm thick copper plate weighing 2.2 kg has been used as the bottom of the chassis to give the unit weight and ensure it remains stable despite vibration.
Built around a T-shaped layout with a partition that divides it into separate areas for the power supply/circuit board and storage devices, the chassis features internals that have been designed to reduce the amount of noise radiated from the latter. This design limits any adverse effects such noise may have on the power supply and circuit board.


4.0 mm thick aluminum top cover

Machined aluminum insulators

The HFAS1 uses proprietary insulators to support the heavy chassis, which can be reconfigured from four to three supports as desired.

Four-support configuration
Three-support configuration

Dual SSDs (HFAS1-S10U)

The HFAS1-S10U incorporates two high-reliability SSDs from Samsung.
These drives utilize the manufacturer's 3D V-NAND flash memory to minimizevoltage fluctuations through extended durability nd reduced power consumption.
Other design features such as an aluminum enclosure with excellent anti-noise characteristics give the SSDs characteristics that are exceptionally well suited to audio applications. Additionally, use of flash storage without any moving parts makes it possible to deliver an almost silent listening environment.


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